Student Rates

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AFF Prices*

Level Price(Per jump)
AFF Level 2 $265*
AFF Level 3 $200
Level 4-7 $135
Coach Jumps Price of altitude slot-See experienced rates

Tandem Prices**

Level Group size Price(Per jumper)
Tandem Level 1 1 $250
5-9 $240
Weekdays only, must be scheduled in advanced. Price includes (1) sheet pizza and (2) 2L of pop 10+ $225
Tandem Level 2 1 $235
$220 (Purchased same day as T1)
Tandem Level 1 Active Duty Military and Active Reservists 1 $240
Tandem Level 2 Active Duty Military and Active Duty Reservists 1 $210

Student Video

Video Price
Tandem, AFF, or Coach Jump Video $90

* Includes ground school and SIMs
** All tandem jumps will be from a minimum of 10,000ft
-Gift Certificates are valid until October 1st 2014 and are NON-REFUNDABLE.
-Rainchecks are valid until October 1st 2014. Please contact us directly to schedule your skydive. You are required to call or email our manifest office 7 days prior to your scheduled skydive if you are unable to make your skydive to avoid a loss of your $50 deposit, which will then be required when you reschedule your skydive.